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The Mirror Questionnaire With SiriusXM’s Julie Mason

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Julie Mason, a host of “Press Pool” on SiriusXM’s P.O.T.U.S. Channel, is among the funniest Washington journalists you will meet. She’s not exactly This Town because she doesn’t talk about the boring kinds of things many Washingtonian’s do. And she’s not a social climber who peers over your shoulder at a party for someone far more important than you. But she did work for Politico before SiriuxXM and the Washington Examiner before that. Her first job in journalism was as a clerk in the Washington bureau of the Dallas Morning News where she had fun and was a “total gofer.” In this questionnaire, she says she’d like more tact, but Mason would tragically not be Mason if she had more tact or if she shut her mouth (something else she thinks she ought to do every once in awhile).


Bona Fides

Hometown: Acton, MA (“Year of Acton”)

Age: 48

Named for: A lawyer who later handled my parents’ divorce.

First job ever: clerk in the Dallas Morning News Washington bureau

Current employment: talk show host, SiriusXM Radio

MirrorQ (Green)

If someone wants to get on your good side, what candy or liquor should they ply you with? Is this a seduction: Red wine. Are we just getting drunk? Jack and Ginger.

Most exotic place you’ve ever visited: Tbilisi, Georgia.

Why do you think Washington is so polarized? And please consider your answer in terms of boring us. Too few people vote, and the ones who do are bonkers. Voila — polarization

Who is your celebrity crush? Gomez Adams (I am certain it’s mutual)

A thought that makes you want to cry: Someone hurting an animal.

Weirdest habit you’ve observed in a newsroom (workplace) setting? A a former colleague of mine who won the Pulitzer used to spend a lot of time arranging an army of plastic houseflies around his desk and computer.

If you had to kiss a politician who would it be? Is [former GOP] Massachusetts Sen.] Scott Brown too obvious? House Speaker John Boehner, then. Bring it.

What’s next for you? What would you do with your life if absolutely nothing could stop you? Non-stop world travel and a spooky, rambling old house on the beach in Provincetown, Mass.

Pick one: House of Cards, Homeland or Veep: Veep (Jolly Green Jizz-face)

Pick one: CNN’s New Day, Morning Joe, GMA or the TODAY Show: Haha, I am a late riser and happily get to skip all of those. Jansing and Co.

If you had to have a U.S. senator or congressman as your father who would it be? Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga.

Since this is The Mirror Questionnaire, what would you change about yourself physically if you could? I would drop a few kilos.

And your personality? A lot more tact.

Preferred beach: Cape Cod in September

Guilty pleasure TV show: Anne of Green Gables on PBS

On a scale of 1 to 10, how self-obsessed are you? (10 being you can’t tear yourself away from your own daily Google search and 1 meaning you often spend time in the country away from your computer and don’t give a crap about your Klout score.) Four — I am still only on Blackberry and won’t check it if we’re at dinner.

Workout regimen: dog-walking.

Pick one – flabby thighs, cankles or love handles? Love handles.

Choose: Beautiful eyes, best personality or perfect legs? Eyes

A thought that brings you great joy: Looking forward to my radio show every day and making my guests laugh.

A regret (of any kind): Many of my regrets involve not keeping my mouth shut.

Any brushes with death? If so, please describe. Several, and no doubt many I was not even aware of. But when I was younger, a man in Germany who looked like Charles Bronson tried pulling me into his car. I barely got away and while other scary things have happened, this is the one that still gives me nightmares.

Just a preference Q: Bo or Sunny? Neither, I don’t care for those dogs. You can’t see their faces What are they hiding?

Most annoying thing your editor (boss) does: Showing up unannounced from New York and always on the days I haven’t showered.

Rank how hairy your butt is: 1 to 10? Zero.

Go for a stroll in the park with one of the following and explain the reason for your choice. 1. Andrew Sullivan, of The Daily Dish. 2. The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart. 3. The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald. Andrew and I were friends back in our intern days, we used to go dancing a lot, but now he pretends he doesn’t know me. I would like to take him to the park, buy him a giant pretzel and confront him with one or two uncomfortable truths.

When was the last time you were, if ever, naked outside? I am an appalling nudist and love running around nudie-kazoo. September — I was showering. Fun!

From The Sunday Times’ Toby Harnden: If you could tell one person to their face that they’re full of shit, with no consequences, who would it be? President Obama

From Al Jazeera’s David Shuster: If you had to watch or read a news report in a language you didn’t understand, what language would it be and why? Russian — so aggro!

From lefty radio host Bill Press: Where’s the one place in Washington you’d love to have sex, but can’t? In my own apartment, apparently.

From former Rep. Weiner’s ex-phone sex partner Sydney Elaine Leathers: Who is the worst journalist on your favorite news channel? Ashleigh Banfield

From Washington Free Beacon’s Lachlan Markay: Which universally acclaimed piece of literature, art, film, or music can you simply not stand? The French Connection

Please provide a question for the next lucky victim of The Mirror Questionnaire. Make it good. What is the lie you always tell about yourself?