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BOLD QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I just hope for Michelle’s sake they didn’t have sex in her vegetable garden.” — E!’s Chelsea Handler, on the alleged non-affair between President Obama and Beyoncé.

Journo Hate Mail

“Watching @piersmorgan interview that boob @AnnCoulter is like watching a professor debate with a toddler.” — Lucas Leverett (no one you should know).

WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten thinks first lady’s dress is ugly 

“I know nothing about fashion. So I am alone in declaring Michelle Obama’s Munchkinland blue gown to be awful, right? Okay, good.” — WaPo‘s “humor” columnist Gene Weingarten. The dress was designed by Carolina Herrera.

Self-appointed weatherman 

“Pay attention to tonight’s Olympic broadcast, Washingtonians; it’s going to come in handy when you have to commute by luge later this week.” — Reason‘s Peter Suderman.


Politico’s media writer will allow publication to insult Andrea Mitchell – just this once! 

“Criticizing a veteran, award-winning reporter for her age isn’t exactly the height of grace. Indeed, it’s the opposite. But as a critique of the mainstream media in general — that it is too stodgy, clubby and liberal to credit the work of conservative upstarts — the sentiment appears, in this instance, to be on point.” — Politico media writer Dylan Byers on Washington Free Beacon‘s Michael Goldfarb‘s comments to The Daily Caller Tuesday in which Goldfarb said this about MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, who referred to Free Beacon as the “anti-Clinton website.” See Byers’ full defense of Free Beacon here.

Important Question to Think About… “Why don’t dogs in dog shows do couples skate or snowboarding or something a bit more challenging than jogging a loop?” — National Journal‘s Elahe Izadi.

Tom Brokaw and his cancer diagnosis

“Tom Brokaw? Really?! F*ck you, cancer.” — John T. Bennett, a Washington-based national security reporter, in reaction to the news that newsman Tom Brokaw has bone marrow cancer, more technically known as multiple myleoma.

Marion Barry ‘back in the hospital’ 

“NBC4 -Former mayor Marion Barry back in hospital, being treated for difficult breathing, weakness. But not ICU. Mayor Gray visited tonight.” — Tom Sherwood, NBC4. And this from D.C. City Councilman Marion Barry himself at 11:32 p.m. last night: “I was not rushed to the hospital. I am not seriously ill. I have a urinary tract infection. I will be back.”

Reporter’s mom encounters rude lady on D.C. Metro

“Woman on Metro today to my 74-year old mom who asked her to move her bags to free a seat: ‘No. I can’t hold my bags and read at same time'” — Politico‘s Ben White, who was not with his mom at the time. She was making her way to his event this morning when she encountered Ms. Rude. The woman apparently just gave White’s mom an icy stare and didn’t budge her bags till getting off at Farragut north.


“Who exactly released Seymour Philip Hoffman’s diaries to the public? They are called “private diaries” for a reason.” — Susanna Quinn, occasional contributing writer, wife of lobbyist Jack Quinn.

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Disturbing Facebook message to The Mirror.

WTH? Journos locked inside their apartment 

“So @JosiahRyan and I are stuck inside our apartment because the doorknob broke” — TheBlaze‘s Oliver Darcy.

Brian-StelterCNN’s Brian Stelter gets Marty’d! 

For anyone who doesn’t know Marty Rudolf by name (how on earth is this even possible?), he’s an online news junkie that’s very friendly with a lot of reporters in Washington and New York. 

MARTY RUDOLF: “@brianstelter How are you tonight? Have you Enjoyed being the Permanent Host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources Show” on Sundays?”

BRIAN STELTER: “@Marty2634 I’m enjoying it — but more importantly are you enjoying watching?”

MARTY RUDOLF: “@brianstelter I Enjoy Watching CNN’s “Reliable Sources Shows” on Sundays each week! I like following News Media/Journalism/Politics, etc.”

BRIAN STELTER: “I knew you’d say that.”

MARTY RUDOLF: “@brianstelter LOL. What do you think of the Job David Gregory does Moderating NBC News’s “Meet The Press” each Weekend?”