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Wendy Davis is now against abortion, possibly

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Wendy Davis became a national figure by filibustering restrictions on late-term abortions in Texas, but since she began her gubernatorial campaign, she hasn’t mentioned it much.

She’s talking about it now. And guess what?

Gromer Jeffers Jr., Dallas Morning News:

Wendy Davis said Tuesday that she would have supported a ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, if the law adequately deferred to a woman and her doctor…

The provision was part of a sweeping bill the Legislature considered this summer to place new restrictions on abortion providers. Davis initially filibustered to stop the bill, drawing nationwide attention as a special session ended with a raucous crowd disrupting the Senate’s consideration of the bill. Eventually, lawmakers approved the law in another session. Parts of it are under court review, though the 20-week ban is in effect.

And remember when she wore those pink sneakers the whole time she was filibustering the bill she now supports? Weren’t they just fabulous?

Bryan Preston sums it up:

So, Wendy Davis doesn’t do her homework, doesn’t understand the law she became famous for opposing, but now says she would support part of that law.

What are Texans supposed to make of Wendy Davis now?

The same thing they’ve made of her so far: a hapless amateur who bit off way more than she can chew, who can’t make her flip-flops even remotely plausible, and who cries sexism every time somebody points out one of her many gaffes. At least this time she didn’t insult anybody in a wheelchair.

So far, I haven’t had so much fun following an utterly futile political campaign since Anthony Weiner.

Check back tomorrow. With any luck, by then she’ll have explained what she really meant to say. Goodie!

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