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Cheating website honors America’s horniest leaders

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
Font Size:, the website that caters to those seeking extra-marital affairs, is making the most of President’s Day this year. A new billboard they created features “three of American history’s horniest leaders” alongside a line that reads: “Who Says Cheaters Never Prosper? Happy President’s Day!”

How kind of them.

The three leaders they had in mind are Presidents Bill Clinton, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Clinton had sexual relations with Monica Lewinksy and an alleged longterm affair with Gennifer Flowers; Roosevelt had a longterm affair with his social secretary, Lucy Mercer, and Kennedy hooked up with Marilyn Monroe.

“Throughout history powerful men, particularly those in politics, have sought out the romantic company of women who weren’t their wives,” said Noel Biderman, the site’s founder. “We chose to honor these three men as each had well-documented affairs during their time in office.” Wandering eyes aside, Biderman says the leaders have something else in common: “Despite their dalliances, they’re were still considered heroes by the American people, who never stopped viewing them as great leaders.”

The first billboard went up yesterday in Little Rock, Ark. in honor of President Clinton, who grew up in Hope.

Correction: The above confused Franklin D. Roosevelt for Theodore Roosevelt, who was an apparently outstanding family man. Apologies to any descendants of the Roosevelt family for butchering that. The post has been changed to reflect that it was Franklin, not Theodore, who had the extramarital affair.