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BOLD QUOTE OF THE DAY: “OJ is starving himself to death. Finally he gets serious about punishing the real killer. #hurryup” — Comedian and radio host Dennis Miller.



Thank You For Sharing 

“No one who works for the Daily Caller can complain about other people being dicks. It is like water calling sand wet” — @RevPaperBoy (a.k.a. Kevin Wood, a newspaper copyeditor in Southern Ontario, Canada. His tweets are not related to his employer WHATSOEVER, but let’s make sure they know what he’s up to anyhow).

Tom Germana of Bayville, New York, writes into The Daily Caller tips box: Subject line: “Here’s a tip… The moron responsible for this headline should be fired: “Who farted on Bob Costa’s pillow.” Only fifteen year old boys and mentally challenged morons laugh at this stuff. You are off my reading list.” See the headline and slideshow here.

Why do guests (and Mika) fear Joe Scarborough? 

Ms. NYHazelEyes writes in to Joe Scarborough, “Why are all of your guests and Mica afraid to stand up to you?” Scarborough replied, “It’s my hair. Like Medusa’s, it’s a sight to behold.”

SO TOUCHING: D.C. journo goes strolling inside a snow globe 

“Washington is a beautiful city any day. But with a blanket of snow, it’s breathtaking — like strolling inside a snow globe.” — National Journal‘s intrepid (read: incessant) tweeter Ron Fournier. Last night, Fournier also tweeted, “Let it snow.” To which a relative (presumably his younger sister) Raquel Fournier replied, “Shut up.”

No snow days for you

Tarrance Group’s Logan Dobson: “Let it be known the Tarrance Group takes no snow days. Polling Never Sleeps.”

Politico media writer Hadas Gold: “Politico also never ever ever sleeps. Or snow days.”

Politico‘s Byron Tau: “But we do work from home largely whenever we want.”


For Valentine’s Day planning purposes only…

Conservative author Jason Mattera: “What guy actually buys his woman a life-size Vermont teddybear for Valentine’s Day?”

CNN Contributor Kevin Madden: “The kind that gets kneed in the groin.”

On another note…“I don’t personally celebrate Valentimes but I respect those who do.” — Politico‘s Ben White.

Creepy man on Metro alert

“Have you come across a well dressed man at a metro station who randomly approaches and asks you if you go to Georgetown or work on the hill?” — National Journal‘s Elahe Izadi.

Alex Trebek said what?! 

“Umm Trebek just told a black contestant that she better get a question about the NAACP right. #Scandal #Jeopardy” — The Daily Caller‘s Taylor Bigler.

Deep Thoughts With Cory Booker

“People who mistake kindness for weakness are themselves pretty weak.” — New Jersey Democratic Sen. Booker.

Hooters anyone?

“Stuck at a Hooters while Doral bomb threat is sorted out. And so I wonder: who the hell brings their kids to Hooters? A few too many here.” — Miami Herald political writer Marc Caputo.


“When Snowmageddon hit in ’10, I was in the hospital with a wrecked knee. If DC wants to f*** with me some more on my way out, BRING IT ON.” — The Daily Caller‘s Jim Treacher.


By Brett Betsill, directed to C-SPAN on his way to work. 

The Media Critic 

“I’d like to thank the Olympics for pre-empting Morning Joe — and I think I speak for 99.5% of Americans.” — Breitbart News editor John Nolte.

Sarcasm (we hope) 

“Jeez…. My lazy, overpaid school-teacher wife gets to spend 14 hours lounging around at home grading papers.” — WaPo Book World Editor Ron Charles, who may in the midst of a divorce by the end of the week.


ACTUALLY A GOOD POINT: “#Airport Tip: If whatever you’re doing in the restroom requires a defibrillator, you might wanna see a doctor. #DCA” — Fox5’s Tom Fitzgerald.

Talking Points Memo’s Hunter Walker gets Marty’D

MARTY RUDOLF: “How are you today?”

HUNTER WALKER: “@Marty2634 Doing good! About to go to the gym and then getting inside before the snow. What stories are interesting you today?”

Overheard in the Newsroom 

“You utter utter utter shit. It’s all bullshit and lies. They look at your face and lie.” — Anonymous Washington reporter.


SNUG and STYLISH?: BuzzFeed’s Benny Johnson in a tight-fit jacket.