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Piers Morgan snaps at Larry King for badmouthing CNN

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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CNN talk show host Piers Morgan has had it with his predecessor Larry King. Morgan, who’s not shy about firing back at those who insult him, finally had enough of the former flatuence-laden suspender-wearing host last night after King blasted the network this week, saying this week that viewers have no real repeated reason to watch.

“They don’t have a lot of appointment viewing,” King told Newsmax.

King has said that the show is too much about Morgan. He told HuffPost that the CNN ought to put on cartoons until news breaks. “Put Spongebob on CNN — 24 hours — until a big story breaks,” he suggested.

Last night Piers shot back at King on Twitter.


Some didn’t take kindly to Piers obliterating the TV “icon.” Piers couldn’t care less. “Bashing a TV icon? Piers, this is low even for you,” a viewer wrote. He replied, “Fed up with ‘Icon’ bashing us.”

And later in the evening when King wrote that he was appearing on Conan O’Brien‘s show last night, Piers lashed out, saying, “Don’t forget to whine about CNN and me again.”

Piers also cracked on King last month in an interview with Politico. He said, “I’ve tried to be very respectful about Larry; he’s a legend, and I feel very proud to have followed him. But I think he just slightly needs to button it, because he’s talking nonsense. The reason we’re different is, I’m a journalist and he’s not. Larry isn’t a journalist, never has been.”

Watch out journalism. It’s a crowded field out there.

It’s hard to blame Piers for his attacks on King, who has been dogging him ever since he took over the show five years ago. King has said from the beginning that CNN “oversold” the public on his replacement. He also said in January of last year that Piers was “different from” him and that he makes the show about himself, not his guests.

Pictured here: The couple in happier times.