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BOLD ADVICE OF THE DAY: “Don’t respond to attacks on Twitter. If you’re a public official that’s absolutely ridiculous.” — Joe Scarborough on today’s “Morning Joe” in reaction to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio quarreling with NBC weatherman Al Roker, who   attacked the new mayor for his handling of the snowstorm.



Just in case you forgot it was Valentine’s Day 

“OK, yes, fine, all right, yes, I had sex with her, OK? But I make LOVEINT to you.” — Spencer Ackerman, U.S. national security editor at the Guardian.


Luke Russert predicts lots of sex 

“Btw, between the #PaxStorm & Valentine’s Day, I suspect east coast maternity wards will be mighty busy come November.” — NBC’s congressional correspondent Luke Russert.


D.C. is on thin ice

“The White House driveway is an icy death trap this morning.” — White House correspondent for the AP Julie Pace.


Ex-Rep. Barney Frank is all for legalizing heroin 

“It doesn’t make sense for society to prohibit the substance because it causes deaths,” Frank told HuffPost. “I have read about more alcohol-related deaths than heroin-related deaths.” — Former Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) to HuffPost. He said heroin should be legal even in spite of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s recent death. The other line we liked was the last in which Frank is his fairly rude self. His thoughts concerned studies of drops in heroin use in Switzerland and the Netherlands, where they use methods of decriminalization and treatment. Frank does not do social niceties, at least not with reporters. ‘They seem to be working well,” Frank told HuffPost “before briskly hanging up the phone.” Read the full story by Sam Stein here.

Should Yglesias head to the midwest? 

“Buzzfeed quiz says I should move to Minnesota!” — Ezra Klein‘s bitch Matt Yglesias. The quiz is: “What State Do You Officially Belong In?”

Is this a rhetorical question? 

“Which brave journalistic outlet will be the first to report that anonymous NSA sources told them that Snowden leaked 7 bajillion documents?” — The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald.

vintage-suitcases-magazine-photoTravel Bitches

“Nothing like beginning the day with 27 (and counting) minutes of hold music with United Airlines.” — HuffPost’s Elise Foley.

“Good news, Delta tells me they can get me back to DC on Saturday. Bad news, today is Thursday. Just have to laugh and roll with it.” — Singer Bonjean Strategies’ Brian Walsh.

Relating to Bob Costa’s eye issue by way of acne 

“I’m not saying he’s a hero, but any kid who ever had to go to school with a zit on his face should identify with [Bob] Costas’ plight. But we mock.” — The Daily Caller and The Week‘s Matt Lewis.

NPR correspondent lives next door to Superman? 

“Washington, 745 PM: As snow falls, a neighbor swings onto his bike and rolls into the evening with a shovel across the handlebars.” — NPR’s Steve Inskeep.