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Adult escort ads – in Politico? That should grab your attention

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Usually when The Mirror reads Politico Playbook, our eyes glaze over the ads that pay for the popular morning newsletter that dispatches across the country via email. Apparently even perky Katie Couric regularly reads it. And we know NBC newsman Tom Brokaw is a big fan as today he’s even slumming it in the birthday section, even though it’s not even his birthday. But today my eyes lingered as what are usually those boring BP ads involved adult escorts.


The way we know the short graphs are advertisements is they appear with a double asterisk before they begin.




Day 2. So there’s a Day 1? Do tell. A look back at church Sunday’s Playbook merely shows an introduction of the week-long ad blitz, but no talk of escorts, yet.




The spicy advertisement comes with a link, so naturally we went there to learn more about those escorts getting compensation for what, oil slick? BP explained that all this week they will be running a series of ads in Politico “about the serious concerns the company has raised regarding the way in which the settlement agreement has been implemented.” The awards received by bogus entities that have nothing to do with the Exxon-Valdez oil spill 25 years ago, they say, have amounted to half a billion dollars.

Escort services aside, the examples they do mention are these: 1. A wireless phone store that was closed for nearly all of 2010 as a result of a fire that predated the oil spill; 2. A lawyer located approximately 200 miles from the Gulf who lost his license four months before the spill; 3. A wheat farm more than 200 miles from the Gulf that elected not to plant and harvest crops in 2010. BP explained, “All got awards from the claims program. No company would agree to pay such awards – and BP certainly didn’t.”

Thankfully, Playbook spends not one but two days on those escorts. The second ad in today’s Playbook is the following: