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Dehydrated vs Freeze-Dried survival food: Which lasts longer?

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By Charley Hogwood, Living Ready

Both dehydrated and freeze-dried emergency foods do significantly better in terms of shelf life and portability than food not processed these ways. But there are some significant differences.

Freeze-Dried Survival Food Lasts Longer

Dehydrating food will not extend the shelf life nearly as long as freeze-drying.You can expect dehydrated food to store well for months rather than multiple years depending on how much moisture was removed. The more a food item is dried, the more brittle the texture becomes and the longer it can be stored.

Freeze-dried survival foods will have a longer shelf life, but keep in mind that storage conditions vary widely.

Why Does the Difference Matter?

This is important because over the last several years, some survival food companies have been using the two terms interchangeably. If they can’t explain how they make it, don’t buy it.

Rotate Emergency Food Supplies

Regular rotation is the key to proper survival food storage. Keep a record system detailing the age of all of your supplies.

Remember, temperature and moisture are two of the most common causes of spoilage in emergency food storage. Contamination, light and insects round out the list.

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