Journalists are losing their clothes in Sochi

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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NBC 11 Blogger Jaye Watson reports more incompetence in Sochi Tuesday — this time from the laundry room in the basement of the International Broadcast Center (IBC), which is currently home to thousands of journalists.

The IBC’s laundry service is apparently shuffling the clothing in addition to washing it. And frustrated journalists are standing in hour-long lines trying to locate their socks and underwear.

“Come back tomorrow,” and “Is it yours?” are the only two English phrases the non-English speaking women who work for the service seem to have learned, wrote Watson. And they repeat them all day.

“The second line has become a favorite, because they will proffer a plastic wrapped package to you, extending it like a gift,” wrote Watson. “‘Is it yours?’ they will ask.”

Tim Dietz, Watson’s team leader, has been taking photos of his laundry before relinquishing it to the service, so he can show them what’s missing. But to no avail. Watson now washes his own laundry by hand in his room.

“Three weeks in, hope has died,” wrote Watson.

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