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Twitter complaining

“Please don’t roll up in my mentions with comments without reading the story I linked.” — MSNBC regular Goldie Taylor. WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart replied, “EXACTLY, THIS! #preach.”

Journo deals with credit card fraud 

“Bangkok’s birthday present to me: a stolen debit card and hundreds in fraudulent charges. #joy.” — The Washington Free Beacon‘s Lachlan Markay. Update: I incorrectly wrote that he worked for The Washington Examiner. He did formerly write for the Examiner but of course no longer does. 

House of Cards fallout 

“Just finished binge-watching the new House of Cards season, and I know one thing; Frank Underwood is one amazing character…” — NPR’s Eric Deggans.

“Watching House of Cards. Without any spoilers, they need to hire someone with basic knowledge of Senate procedure.” — Roll Call‘s Emily Cahn.

And the detractor… “Veep is the most realistic depiction of Washington politics.” — Townhall‘s Kevin Glass.

Words of Wisdom 

“Don’t learn the hard way that putting cash into a Valentine’s Day card is a risky move.” — U.S. National Security Editor for the Guardian Spencer Ackerman.

In which my colleague… Neil Munro takes a shot at WaPo‘s Greg Sargent “the established media.” See here.

Media Matters dude criticizes conservative media

“Surprise! doesn’t turn profit. (just like National Review) why can’t cons run successful biz?” — Media MattersEric Boehlert, who linked to this story.

On crying…

“Make every interviewee cry.” — Reuters media writer Jack Shafer, responding to the supposedly controversial CBS interview in Sochi in which the skier wept over his deceased brother.


Overheard in the newsroom

“The state of journalism is a piece of a shit. …There’s really no point in being in this business anymore. If BuzzFeed traffic is any indication, new media hasn’t established itself as a replacement for what media once was.” — The Daily Caller‘s Patrick Howley. (Have a comment you overheard in your newsroom? Tell me about it at or