Allegheny College to pro-lifers: Your opinions are dangerous and harmful

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Allegheny College administrators had choice words for whoever slipped anti-abortion flyers under the doors of some professors’ offices: Such actions were not merely insensitive but actively dangerous to campus, according to the administration.

The incident occurred on Feb. 7. Apparently, someone slipped pro-life flyers under the doors of professors’ offices in the Arter, Quigley, Steffee and Arnold buildings. Joseph DiChristina, the dean of students at Allegheny, decided to treat this like a security breach, and wrote in an email to campus that security personnel were investigating it.

“Promoting a particular point of view through this type of anonymous method is seen as an act that is antithetical to the kind of environment where open dialogue and conversation can take place,” he wrote in the email. “We ask that individuals engage in respectful behavior that promotes a free exchange of ideas. It is important that we value all people and that we not promote behaviors that cause harm and that can be seen as intimidating.”

DiChrstina did not respond to a request for comment as to why the pro-life viewpoint “causes harm.” (RELATED: U. of Alabama censors pro-life students for ‘offensive’ posters)

Dr. Jeff Schneider, assistant dean of students and director of safety and security, told The Daily Caller that if the perpetrators were non-students, the incident would represent a “serious breach of security.”

“The overall concern on my side-of-the-house was that ‘outsiders’ were gaining access to inner-offices of these various buildings,” he said.

As a private college in Meadville, Pennsylvania, Allegheny is not bound to follow the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and may prohibit speech that it deems offensive. However, Allegheny’s website repeatedly promises students access to a free exchange of ideas. (RELATED: Bama pro-lifers claim victory after official admin apology)

Based on recent events, it would seem that some ideas are more welcome than others.

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