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BuzzFeed‘s McKay Coppins isn’t geeky, icy or a gawker of females, says TheBlazeThe warfare between BuzzFeed and Breitbart took yet another nasty turn yesterday as Matthew Boyle allegedly wrote up a story on what really happened down in Palm Beach between Donald Trump and the BuzzFeed reporter. And by “really” I mean that Boyle wrote a story that doesn’t remotely reflect the reporter that many in Washington media have known for years now. TheBlaze agrees Coppins may have a “somewhat” large forehead (as opposed to Boyle’s description of an “oversized” one) but that’s where the realities end. From TheBlaze: “Readers of the piece are basically expected to believe that this geeky, icy man who is also nervous and reserved, came on to women while visiting Trump’s Florida resort. With his wife and baby at home in New York. Okay. For my part, I’ve met Coppins somewhere around 10 times between 2012 and now. Though we’ve never had a sleepover to braid each other’s hair and chat while drinking hot cocoa, my impression of him has been nothing close to any of those things.”  Read the full story here. 

Speaking of BuzzFeed-Trump warfare, Gawker has its take on the matter… The headline: “BuzzFeed’s Trump takedown drives Breitbart to the brink of Insanity.” The piece lays all the horse shit out rather nicely.

Over at The Atlantic, the war against Donald Trump rages hilariously on… Philip Bump writes, “Coppins is portrayed as a schlubby loser and lecher whose animus toward Trump is politically motivated and obvious. While’s claim to the title of journalism has never been a strong one, this piece reads like a gossip column or like a fraternity newsletter about the rival house across campus. (Note: Boyle is himself not without controversy.)” Bump is referring to Matthew Boyle of Breitbart News who wrote the counter completely fictional hit piece on BuzzFeed‘s McKay Coppins. See the full story here. Bump calls Boyle’s story a “report” — complete with scare quotes.

And if you really need to read Boyle’s fictitious piece on Coppins… read here.