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Incest Desk: Breitbart News basks in embarrassing glow of gushing GOP lawmakers

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Most publications would be wary of letting the public know that politicians are in their corner, much less falling all over themselves to welcome them to the fight down in Texas. Translation: We have a shared purpose.


What a disturbing concept of journalism. News publications are not supposed to have the same purpose as politicians, nor are they supposed to be on the same team. Last I checked, they were supposed to inform, and the reporters were not to get too deeply enamored with their sources.

But not Breitbart News. Bring on the BIG love no matter who it is or what political position in the Republican Party they may hold. In this case, it’s Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

Over weekend, Breitbart‘s supercharged This Town publicist Kurt Bardella fired out a number of releases, one of which expressed support for the publication’s new “Texas bureau.” (In case you didn’t hear, Breitbart is going worldwide, Jamaica just won the Bobsled race, and I’m jetting off to The Daily Caller‘s Antarctica bureau later tonight.)

Sen. Cruz couldn’t be more pumped. In his love letter on the Breitbart site, he writes about a variety of atrocities inflicted on Texans by the Obama administration — no surprise there, this is TED CRUZ.

Except he writes to Breitbart Texas, “Tell these stories. They deal with real people, suffering the big consequences of big government. Breitbart Texas should share them. Your readers understand the precious nature of freedom and the need to protect the rights of individuals. So, welcome Breitbart Texas. Together, we’ll make DC listen.”

Really, “together?”

He concludes his kiss with this: “With the launch of Breitbart Texas, I suspect the only place Texas will turn blue is on a weather map in the dead of winter.”


Cruz isn’t the only welcoming committee. Check out this embarrassing headline: “Letter: Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Welcomes Breitbart Texas.”

If that’s not bad enough, Dewhurst goes on to actually welcome them, saying, “When I heard the news that Breitbart is opening a bureau in Texas, I had just one thing to say: ‘It’s about time.’ Rarely has a publication been better suited to the culture, economy and political climate of a particular place.” And there was this revolting line: “I applaud the courage the Breitbart team displays on a daily basis, digging for the facts and applying the time-tested techniques of investigative reporting in a media culture that is increasingly characterized by partisan sniping and liberal bias on an unprecedented scale. As a friend and supporter of your publication, I must extend a warning to any of your staffers who might be relocating here from New York City, Washington DC or any other bastions of progressive thought. In a word, Texas is different.”

Are Breitbart News reporters aware that politicians and the journalists who cover them are not supposed to be friends? Are they also aware they are supposed to attract readers not supporters? Friendly, sure. But actual friends?

It gets worse: Dewhurst points out a big boon for Breitbart staffers: “Your staffers who exercise their 2nd amendment rights will no longer be called ‘gun nuts.'” And the worst of it: “I suspect Texans already represent a strong segment of your readership and I hope it gets even stronger as a result of Breitbart’s vote of confidence in our state and your leadership. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can ever be of help as your team acclimates itself to Texas. In fact, I’d be honored to host your bureau team at Red’s Shooting Range in Southwest Austin or the Houston Gun Club for a little shooting practice to accelerate that adjustment process.”

Seriously, how far up Breitbart‘s ass will Dewhurst go? “Your leadership”? Breitbart is not part of the GOP. But as Dewhurst puts it, they just might be.