Scott Walker ordered chief-of-staff to fire doctor for past life as thong model

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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If you have a history as a thong model, Scott Walker apparently doesn’t want you working on the taxpayer dime.

In fact, in 2010 — as newly released emails reveal — Walker ordered his staff to get rid of a medical doctor who was working for the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division because of her “checkered past” modeling the risqué garments.

That obscure revelation has come to light as Democrats gleefully search newly-released documents for a needle-in-the haystack that could damage Walker, who is now the Republican governor of Wisconsin.

A Wisconsin state appeals court on Wednesday released 27,000 pages of documents — which include emails from Walker in 2010 when he was serving as a Milwaukee county executive — that have been obtained as part of a secret investigation into possible illegal campaign activity. Conservatives have called the investigations politically-motivated.

In April of 2010, Walker received an email from Thomas Nardelli, his chief of staff, with the subject line: “Three Issues (one question).”

One of those issues was that a medical doctor who had been hired at the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division had modeled “thongs” and “wasn’t forthright in sharing that with staff prior to her hire.”

“The Medical Director did follow all professional channels to determine credentials, but failed to Google or MySpace the individual,” Nardelli wrote. “It was recently discovered that she has a checkered past and has done some modeling work. It isn’t pornographic, but is quite suggestive.”

Nardelli told Walker that officials were already working on a plan to “release her without much fanfare.” He expressed the fear that she might be “Googled by staff only to learn of her ‘other life’ outside of her medical work.”

“Apparently she’s competent, but even the Medical Director is dismayed that she has a varied life style outside of her medical profession,” Nardelli said.

Firing off a response from his Blackberry, Walker responded: “Get rid of the MD asap.”

The name of the model wasn’t revealed and it’s unclear whether she lost her job. Reached for comment, Walker’s gubernatorial office directed The Daily Caller to his campaign organization. A campaign spokesman did not immediately return an email.

The email was first published on Wednesday by the Huffington Post and liberals are now trying to use it to hurt Walker.

Brad Woodhouse, the president of the liberal opposition research group American Bridge, was so giddy about the thong story that he emailed reporters to say the revelation is more evidence of a “War on Women.”

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