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Secret websites allow for a greater exchange of child porn… “They cloister themselves behind encrypted IP addresses and password-protected sites where they have found “validation, acceptance and encouragement” to find new victims.” See the USA Today report here.

Hannah Rosen writes about her son’s Asperger’s diagnosis — what it means and what it now doesn’t mean. She asks the ever important question: WTF? Her tweet for her poignant and story in The Atlantic: “My son Jacob was diagnosed with Aspergers. A few months later diagnosis disappears. wtf?” In the beginning, she writes, getting the diagnosis was extremely helpful. Later on, not as much. By the way, her husband is Slate editor David Plotz. Rosen writes for The Atlantic and Slate. Read her story here. Pssst…Mike Elk, read this story! 

Meghan McCain is worried! Specifically, her concerns involve living as a Republican in LA and hosting a late-night current events show. Will people make fun of her? I tend to find her entertaining. But chances are pretty high. See here.

Politico‘s media writer is a self-described “wet blanket” about Season 2 of House of Cards… Despite the heavy advertising for the Netflix series blanketing Politico‘s website, Dylan Byers hated the second season. He hated the journalist cameos (what’s to like about seeing MSNBC’s overly hyper host Chris Hayes on show?). We’ll agree to disagree on nearly all of his sentiments as I’m already antsy for Season 3, but read about Dylan’s hatred of it here.