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Reporter learns patience from the Dalai Lama’s tardiness 

“Dalai Lama teaching us all about patience. (Read: he’s 15 mins late for @AEI panel)” — Mollie Hemingway, senior editor, The Federalist.

More on Dalai… “I’m in the same room as the Dalai Lama and Grover Norquist at the think tank that helped start the Iraq War. Meditate on that for a moment.” — Yahoo! NewsChris Moody.

Politico steals National Journal‘s Hotline Editor 

“Some personal news: I’m joining @politico next month to help start Campaign Pro, a new vertical for political pros.” — Steven Shepard. No doubt he’ll no longer be @HotlineSteve.

CDC, Sheen and porn star bride 

“David Letterman: If you want to get Charlie Sheen and his bride a gift, they are registered at the Centers for Disease Control.” — Breitbart NewsJeff Poor.


His last tweet for TPM

Hunter Walker issued his final tweets for Talking Points Memo last night, thank yous to colleagues and his boss, Josh Marshall. He’s off to Business Insider. “Those were my final tweets as a TPM reporter. I shall now proceed to change my Twitter bio to something ridiculous and enjoy a 4 day weekend,” Walker tweeted. His actually last tweet was this: “Last but certainly not least, cheers and thanks to my homie @TomKludt. Goodbye sweet Tom.” He went on to chat with his BFF online news junkie extraordinaire Marty Rudolf.

A Politico reporter dares to dream in This Town  

“I wish Freddy’s BBQ joint really existed.” — Byron Tau, Politico, and obviously a House of Cards watcher.

Overheard in the Newsroom 

“Overheard in the press gallery: ‘I shoot the news, I don’t watch it'” — Congressional freelancer Matt Laslo.

Travel Bitches

“Nice, @USAirways won’t even change a ticket at no cost to assist a cancer patient I know who is sick & can’t travel. Pretty terrible.” — Kristina Baum, publicist, former journo.

Pretty cute for Washington 

“Note from 6 yr old: Dear Mrs Tooth Fairy. I misplaced my tooth. Could you still leave a present please? Love, Me” — Neal Augenstein, WTOP.

Journalist dies at 62 from cancer 

“RIP Greg Kane. He was one of my favorite columnists to edit. He was getting chemo, but missed only one deadline.” — Washington Examiner‘s David Freddoso. See the obit here.


POST MIDNIGHT POOL DUTY: “1:56 a.m. At the White House. Pres Obama is back.” — Yahoo! News’ Olivier Knox with the accompanying picture.