Teacher forced third-grade boy to clean dirty urinal with his bare hands

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A Broward County, Fla. teacher has been arrested for — and has admitted to — forcing a 10-year-old boy to clean a clogged, dirty urinal with his bare hands.

The incident occurred last week at Broward Community Charter School West in Coral Springs, Fla., CBS Miami reports.

The unidentified student told investigators that his third-grade teacher, Jennifer Forshey, blamed him for clogging a boys bathroom urinal with paper towels.

It’s not clear if the student did, in fact, place the paper towels in the urinal.

The boy told police that Forshey, 58, had ordered him to remove the soggy, pee-covered paper towels without any kind of covering for his hands. She gave him no tools to use. She didn’t instruct him how to do it.

As a result, not too surprisingly, the poor kid ended up with his hands disgustingly soaked with pee.

“Victim’s hands were saturated in what smelled like urine from the urinal and the paper towel that was in the urinal,” reads a police obtained by CBS Miami.

To make matters even worse for the third grader, there was no soap in the bathroom for him to wash his hands afterward.

Edward Perry, Jr., the principal of the school (who fancies himself the dean, by the way), told police that the boy had come to his office looking for soap, according to Someone at the school, either an official or a teacher, advised the kid to put his hands under running water in the absence of soap.

It’s not clear if anyone ever gave the boy some soap.

During the ensuing police investigation, Forshey defended her actions.

“She only thinks what she did was wrong because she is in trouble for it,” the same police report asserts. “Otherwise, she does not see anything wrong with exposing a child to urine.”

Local police arrested Forshey on Wednesday. The teacher spent the night in jail and will likely be released on bond at some point early Thursday morning.

According to CBS Miami, Forshey faces the very specific charge of battery on a child by exposing the child to urine. It’s a felony.

School officials would not comment on the allegations. Forshey’s job status remains unknown.


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