Chinese student to get US justice seminar after leading cops on 122 mph chase in BMW [VIDEO]

Eric Owens | Editor

A student from China enrolled at the University of California, Irvine will now get a taste of American justice after he led a bevy of police cars on a high-speed chase throughout the Los Angeles area.

The wild, cable-ready pursuit went down on Thursday night, starting around 8:30 p.m., according to KTLA.

The driver, 18-year-old Yuan Zhou, initially caught the attention of police for reckless driving.

The KTLA reporter describes the white BMW he is driving as “the biggest, baddest BMW they make.”

The subsequent chase included a dozen cop cars (and a press helicopter tacking the action).

Zhou was “weaving in and out of traffic, using the right shoulder to pass vehicles and driving at speeds up to 122 mph,” according to a California Highway Patrol press release obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

A highway patrol officer eventually caught up to Zhou and gently nudged his car to a stop — gently because there were two passengers in the car.

Zhou pulled over and threw his keys out of the car, according to KTLA. However, police say he became unresponsive and they then got pretty brutal with the Chinese national.

Zhou ended up in jail in South Los Angeles, pending $75,000 bail.

The two passengers in his fancy BMW, Wangshuang Zhou and Lu Chen, both 19 and both also students at UC Irvine, were not arrested. Cops dropped them off at a gas station near the main Los Angeles airport where they caught rides back to campus.

Zhou does have a valid driver’s license. The car apparently belongs to one of his family members.


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