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Here are three gun owners who stopped crime and saved lives, courtesy of the Second Amendment

Robby Soave Reporter
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In the last week, legal gun owners in Detroit put a stop to several violent crimes, underscoring the fact that in a dangerous city where police protection has become unreliable, self-defense is the answer.

Two of the instances occurred on Saturday morning. Two men — one armed a tire iron — attempted to rob a home in southwest Detroit and attacked the homeowner. Luckily, he was armed with a gun, and shot back. One of the criminals was killed; the other fled the scene.

A woman in west Detroit parked her car a in a garage and was immediately confronted by a man with a gun. According to WXYZ News, she dropped her belongings so as to confuse the man, and then shot him.

Detroit Policed Deputy Chief Rodney Johnson approved of the actions taken.

“I think it’s just a matter of the individual homeowners protecting themselves and finally catching up with the criminals in that enough is enough and they aren’t going to take it anymore,” he said in a statement.

Earlier last week, a Detroit mother used a gun to defend her home and her young children from three teenage intruders, at least one of whom was armed. The criminals retreated after the mother fired at them, and all were later arrested by police.

According to Johnson, more and more Detroit citizens are applying for gun permits.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig recently voiced his support for the Second Amendment and said that communities with high rates of citizen gun ownership are safer. (RELATED: Detroit police chief: More legally armed citizens deter crime)

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