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20 people who could replace CNN’s Piers Morgan

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Out with the Brit. In with the new. As reported over the weekend, CNN is dumping Piers Morgan. His program ends in March. So we’re giving CNN President Jeff Zucker 20 ideas for his replacement, a few of which could likely get the network’s ratings hopping again.

20. Charlie Sheen: Expect the unexpected, would bring on lots of  porn stars.

19. Donald Trump: Would have trouble not shifting the interview to himself. But he could bring on BuzzFeed reporters and any other media types who have slimed him and put them around a boardroom table and scold them relentlessly. Wait…doesn’t he already…never mind.

18. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: Who wouldn’t watch this? On each show he’d have a dancing segment like on Ellen.

17. Juan Pablo Galavis, ABC’s The Bachelor: Terrible idea, he can barely speak English.

16. Robert Redford: star-studded guests every day of the week.

15. Yahoo!‘s Katie Couric: Terrible idea, but she and Zucker are well-acquainted. He was executive producer of NBC’s “TODAY Show” when she was among the hosts.

14. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld: Weird idea, he’d be only occasionally funny.

13. Comedian Louis C.K.: Too dirty for CNN, but would be fun to watch.

12. Stephen Colbert: funny and adored by the current White House.

11. E!’s Chelsea Handler: brash and unfortunately too raunchy for CNN, a network that won’t hire her because of the exact reasons why Zucker should bring her aboard.


10. Chris Cuomo: Promote from within. He connects easily with his guests.

9. Rob Lowe: Watchable, could attract famous friends to the show. He also thinks CNN could use some help: “Ukrainian president attempts to flee but is detained and #CNN is airing a cooking show,” he remarked on Twitter over the weekend.

8. ABC Barbara Walters: She’s available, having just announced her 2014 retirement from “The View.” She’s also famous and has earned a rep for making people cry during her interviews.

7. CNN’s Jake Tapper: Promote from within.

6. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinksi: Think outside the CNN box.


5. Comedian Jon Stewart: Has a devoted following.

4. Comedian John Oliver: As he showed in 2013 when he subbed for Stewart, he can hold his own.

3. Oprah: If she’d do it, she’d be must watch TV. We miss our daily dose of Oprah, don’t we?

2. Kathy Griffin: Unpredictable. Something CNN desperately needs. CNN’s Anderson Cooper would be regularly chained to her chair.

1. Jay Leno: He’s available, gets good ratings. He’s ripe for a new network family since NBC bid him farewell.