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Actor-appointed media critic 

“Ukrainian president attempts to flee but is detained and #CNN is airing a cooking show.” — Rob Lowe.


Gov. Christie blasts a Politico reporter 

“What don’t you get about me not talking to you?” — Gov. Chris Christie in this story in Politico this weekend pertaining to the National Governor’s Association meeting in Washington. The exact graph of a story by Elizabeth Titus:  “’What don’t you get about me not talking to you?’ an unsmiling Christie told a POLITICO reporter while he and aides waited for a walk signal on a street corner in downtown Washington on Saturday, after slipping out of the NGA gathering.” See the full story.

Spotted: Vox Media’s Ezra Klein and Matthew Yglesias walking by Lauriol Plaza in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of D.C. Saturday night. “They look gay together,” said our tipster. And by gay we’re sure our tipster meant happy. The male journalism pals are both married to women.

A shout-out for C-SPAN 

“I love doing @cspan — so much time to get into details and background instead of quick sound bites.” — The Washington Times‘ Emily Miller.


Travel Bitches 

“I’ll never stay at @HolidayInn again. They stole my wedding gift from my brother and did nothing about it. Not even an apology. Jackasses.” — Patrick Thornton, head blogger for Science News.

“Hey, passenger behind me, I bet your granddaughter could hear you better if you took your phone off speaker.” — Digital Transformation Editor and Digital First Media Steve Buttry.

The neighborhood observer 

“Just watched a neighborhood kid eat a handful of the filthiest snow I’ve ever seen. #tapeworms.” — Peter Ogburn, executive producer of the Bill Press radio show.

Richard Grenell weighs in on wedding cakes for gay weddings 

“My unsolicited opinion on baking cakes for weddings you don’t agree with: you can’t be forced to but real Christians should bake it for free.” — Fox News media critic and ex-Mitt Romney aide Richard Grenell.

Some serious journo love 

“#FF @RosieGray a great reporter who has accumulated a collection of haters who resent her for the talent and integrity they lack.” — The Daily Beast‘s Eli Lake.

Reporter told she looks like Celine Dion 

“Group of men just told me i look like Celine Dion, so i guess i’ve made it.” — Washington Examiner‘s Kelly Cohen.

Playing it safe on Twitter

“I wish I could re-tweet some things, but it just wouldn’t be prudent.” — WMAL and Breitbart News‘ Larry O’Connor.

StelterWill travel for Stelter wedding 

“Am loading up the covered wagon with hashtags to attend @brianstelter and @JamieShupak nuptials in Philly tonight. Gonna be a gas.” — NYT‘s David Carr.

Speaking of Stelter’s wedding… with 10 hours to go, Gawker reporter Adam Weinstein gives the groom some advice when he asks anyone who will listen on Twitter what he should do with 10 hours left before the wedding. Weinstein’s advice: make himself comfortable. See here, a story in defense of the practice of masturbation.

Still speaking of Stelter’s wedding because CNN’s Stelter won’t stop tweeting about it… Stelter blasts out this image of he and his bride on Instagram just moments before walking down the aisle. #priorities.

And yes, still speaking of Stelter’s wedding… because apparently all communication with guests transpires by Twitter. Below, a shot of the bride pre-hair bouquet.


An update on reporter’s rare lung cancer 

“Battling with every ounce of my being. Still very much in shock.” — Newsbuster‘s Noel Sheppard to conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter, who sent him her well wishes.


Ron Fournier gets Marty’D, claims he doesn’t watch the Sunday politico talk shows  

Marty Rudolf is an online news junkie who likes to ask questions. Ron Fournier is a serial tweeter and national correspondent for National Journal. Fournier should not feel special. In the last 24 hours Marty has also tried to chat with Yoko Ono and Canadian adult film star and self-described “internet model” Amy Anderssen

MARTY RUDOLF: “@ron_fournier How are you tonight, Ron? Do you ever Watch any of the Sunday Morning Political News Shows?”

RON FOURNIER: “@Marty2634 good Marty. How about you? Sometimes. Usually no. You?”

MARTY RUDOLF: “@ron_fournier I usually watch NBC News’s ‘Meet The Press,’ & CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ & ‘Mediabuzz’ on ‘Fox News Channel’! Follow Pol/Media.”


GRETA CATCHES CAT IN GIGANTIC YAWN: “I caught Mike in a yawn as he sits in front of the morning fire after his big breakfast.” — Fox News Greta Van Susteren.


WASHINGTON’S ANSWER TO POETRY: “DC is like a toddler’s mouth, full of holes with new teeth coming in.” — WaPo‘s perpetually peppy Lydia DePillis.