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Oliver North makes Anthony Weiner joke… Politico‘s Patrick Gavin interviews Ollie North for his “Answer This” interview. In it, North makes a pretty funny Weiner joke. Asked to name his favorite body part, North replies, “My trigger finger, for all the obvious reasons. Just curious: How did Anthony Weiner answer this one?” See the full interview here.

Will she or won’t she? Looks like conservative author Ann Coulter is a little disgusted with CPAC organizers, but she’s going to show up anyhow and debate Daily Caller’s Mickey Kaus, a man she calls the smartest living liberal pundit. Read more on TheBlaze here.

How Washingtonian’s email… A depressing but also hilarious take on how “important” Washingtonians handle their email cravings when interacting with reporters. Read Slate John Dickerson‘s piece here. Definitely worth a read.

TV anchors without makeup… If you haven’t seen this feature in US Weekly, you must. It’s “TODAY Show” anchors minus their makeup. See who looks good and who could, well, use some concealer? See here.

The story behind the Alec Baldwin story in New York mag… I went into this story thinking it would annoy me. The story of the story? Why should we care? But I loved it. Find out how New York‘s Joe Hagan went about tackling his subject matter in CapitalNY. Hagan explained, “My main goal was capturing Baldwin’s voice and getting out of the way of his story. This form seemed ideal. I wanted it to feel like you were sitting next to him, in the tradition of great Hollywood tell-alls of the past, the kind you once read in Esquire in the ’70s.” See the story by Matthew Lynch.