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BOLD QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Just saw a Joseph A Bank commercial where they were advertising a suit and NOT offering anything free in addition. what gives?” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein.

Deep thoughts with a Mother Jones reporter 

“Having drinks with @timkmak. We are both routinely forgetting who the other one is & who ourselves are & this is like a scene from Inception.” — Mother Jones‘ Washington bureau reporter Asawin Suebsaeng, who was having drinks with Politico‘s Tim Mak last night.

Business Insider‘s Josh Barro to the NYT Politico‘s wondering Dylan Byers broke the news last night. Read here. If you recall, Barro’s the reporter who likes to talk about his gayness.

ABC’s The Bachelor fallout

“Health and basic welfare aside here, what could be worse than your daughter bringing Juan Pablo and the Bachelor producers into your home?” — BuzzFeed Political Editor Katherine Miller.

“Never has a #Bachelor seemed less interested and less ready for hometown dates.” — GMMB’s Oliver Griswold.


Speaking of love (and ok, politicians and porn)…

“It’s the anonymity that should perk up politicians’ ears. The ability to hide one’s financial transactions would be a boon to those who don’t want to get caught perusing the naughty and for those looking to regulate cryptocurrencies.” — Washington Examiner‘s Ashe Schow in a story on cryptocurrencies and porn — an affair made for Washington politicos. Read the full story here.


“The truth is that I live under a daily tyranny of food cravings.” — MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinksi, encouraging people to sign up for “Morning Than a Body: Celebrate You,” which she’s co-hosting at GW’s School of Public Health Tuesday from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Register here

Journo endures a bear of a sinus migraine 

“Sinus migraines are more evil than this bear I saw in Brooklyn this wkend. And that’s a pretty evil bear.” — ThinkProgressEsther Lee.

A lawmakers play on words…

“U.S. Rep Danny Davis talking to @CityClubChicago says he didn’t graduate cum laude but ‘graduated. Thank you, laude.'” — Natasha Korecki, Chicago Sun Times political reporter.

Neil Munro’s hidden personal dig at Obama’s top economic advisor 

“… [Jason] Furman has three degrees from Harvard, including a Ph.D. in
economics. He also has a master’s degree from the London School of
Economics, which is located a few blocks behind Kings College in
central London….” — The Daily Caller‘s White House Correspondent Neil Munro, who went to Kings College. See the full story here.