Boohoo: UCLA anti-Israel activist cries hysterically after divestment vote doesn’t go her way

Robby Soave Reporter
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A student at the University of California Los Angeles broke down in tears after the student government voted against the resolution she favored, which would have condemned the state of Israel and asked the university to support divestment.

The unnamed student was taking notes at the meeting where the vote occurred, according to Legal Insurrection. After the result — a 7-5 vote against the anti-Israel resolution — was announced, the student began crying hysterically and swearing at the student representatives for their failure to take a firm anti-Israel stance.

Her meltdown was captured on video. Much of what she says is unintelligible, but she clearly tells the representatives that they “fucking blew it,” and that she has never been “so fucking disappointed.”

While the student’s pitiful tirade may seem like quite an overreaction, the vote did come at a point at which the council was understandably emotionally drained. Public comment on the resolution lasted nearly 10 hours and involved hundreds of speakers, pro-Israel group StandWithUs told The Daily Caller.

That’s because the resolution attracted considerable controversy. Pro-Israel groups and pro-Palestinian groups were both eager to achieve victory, and the debate even garnered national attention.

Of course, the outcome would have been merely symbolic in either case, given that the university has no obligation to implement a divestment policy that syncs with the political opinions of its student government.

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