Jerk of the week: MSNBC’s new Ronan Farrow guy [PHOTO PROOF]

Christopher Bedford Former Editor in Chief, The Daily Caller News Foundation
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Ronan Farrow’s new MSNBC show debuted this week.

You probably weren’t watching.

But if you were, you might have caught this little gem that The Atlantic’s Molly Ball noticed:



Don’t see it? Zoom in a little.


close up


OK. Makes sense. No one really knew who he was until October, and we still haven’t met anyone who knows why he’s on TV. But pasting the school you went to on the wall is best reserved for the home office.

We go by a few simple rules here at The Daily Caller. One is, if you tell somebody you’re smart, you almost definitely aren’t. Now, we know this may startle some of our D.C. readers, but the truth is important. All those times you have feigned sheepish and shrugged, “I’m kind of a wonk,” what you’ve really said is, “I think I’m smarter than you.” Or, simpler yet, “I’m kind of [an asshole].”

And judging by the mounting pile of evidence, Mr. Farrow is just that. (Ronan on Thanksgiving: ‘Because genocide is a lot more festive 392 years after the fact’)

Oh, and Sinatra’s kid. He is totally Sinatra’s kid.

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