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A push for hatchet jobs… Reuters media writer Jack Shafer puts in a big plug for hatchet jobs in a column today. The story discusses a New York Observer story that trashed New York A.G. Eric T. Schneiderman, which may have been the result of a Donald Trump feud with Schneiderman. It just so happens Trump’s son-in-law owns The Observer. Since when has Trump ever had a case of sour grapes against anyone for anything? Oh right, just the last two weeks with BuzzFeed‘s McKay Coppins. Still,  Shafer fully supports the concept of a hatchet piece. He writes, “The unstated subtext … seems to be that there is something wrong about commissioning a hatchet job. But don’t editors do that all the time? If an editor can’t commission a hatchet job, or at the very least encourage a reporter to take a preferred direction, what’s the point of being an editor?” Read the rest.

Did Piers Morgan mock a writer’s bushy eyebrows? CNN’s Piers Morgan has been accused of so much at this point, that I’m inclined to say the hell with it, he probably did not make fun of former National Review columnist John Lott‘s pointy, bushy eyebrows. The eyebrows are the result of a surgical procedure to remove a childhood tumor. So mocking them, however unusual they look, is a no-no. Whatever the case, we’re letting Piers off the hook. The man just lost his show for God’s sake. Nonetheless, TheBlaze has a bizarre post in which Lott adamantly insists the mocking of his eyebrows happened, while Morgan’s rep says, “That’s ridiculous.” Read here. And the original item here.

Speaking of Piers, who will replace him? New York Daily News has Rosie O’Donnell at the top of the litter (HuffPost later knocked this rumor down with a Rosie denial) while others allegedly up for consideration include Ann Curry, Joy Behar, Star Jones, Anderson Cooper, David Muir, Anthony Bourdain and Rachel Maddow. Muir seems unlikely as he’s poised to replace Diane Sawyer. And liberal Maddow out of MSNBC? Would be a serious fish out of water. Read here.

George Stephanopoulos gives up one half of ABC’s This Week As reported by Politico, Martha Raddatz will host the Sunday morning program ever other week from Washington. Read more.