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Daily Caller not seeking a bikini model for CPAC. Washington City Paper (shockingly!) gets it wrong

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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This morning at 10:05 a.m., the always really incredibly with it Perry Stein posted a story declaring that The Daily Caller posted a Craigslist ad last night in search of a bikini model for a CPAC video.

Whoa! What a phenomenal story. Except it’s not true. And Washington City Paper never bothered to contact The Daily Caller to verify the authenticity of the so-called ad for a bikini model. The Daily Caller had to reach out to her to call bullshit on her story.

And now Perry and WCP look like total crackpots as their headline as of 10:35 a.m. now looks like this:


Great job Washington City Paper! You guys really deserve a Pulitzer.

Stein says the ad was apparently from another website, Liberty Island. But at this point do we really believe she has her shit together facts straight? The ad on Craigslist, meanwhile, has been removed.

For more Perry Stein brilliance, see here. This is when she went off on Kentucky Herald-Leader political reporter Sam Youngman for his Politico Magazine story for being “vile” and includes details of her incredible courtroom reporting.

No doubt Editor-in-Chief Mike Madden, a reasonably nice, intelligent guy actually, is incredibly proud. The WCP has been on a downward jag for several months now, exaggerating things and publishing stories that are just not true. Hopefully this will be something of a wakeup call. Maybe they can lure Moe Tkacik back? She was always better for them than they were for her. Those were the days.

One can hope.