Guy drives to food bank in limo and takes food [VIDEO]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Mark Roen pulled up to a Huntington Beach, Calif., food bank in a limo and helped himself out to a toothbrush, deodorant and food. Then he bragged about it in an online video.

Roen, who is also known as “Bongrip” to his fans, admitted to the Huffington Post that it “might not be 100 percent morally correct,” but he wanted to show his viewers that the system could be easily gamed.

“We’re looking at how the bums live by the beach,” he said. “They don’t look like they’re living that bad, really. They’re literally driving in with cars picking up food.”

Roen riffed on the nutritional contents of his haul.

“They hooked this box up fat, you guys,” he exclaimed.

He was dismayed at the Campbells soup cans.

“I didn’t really want to eat any of that, 2,000 grams of sodium in each can, they’re killing the poor bums,” he said. “I think they’re literally trying to kill the bums with sodium.”

He said getting the food bank handout was as easy as telling the worker that he is homeless, despite being clean-shaven with washed hair. He argued that technically he is homeless, since he stays either in his motorhome, parent’s home, limo or recording studio.

Roen, 47, does videos for his online channel, which has hundreds of thousands of subscribers. He refers to his followers as his “stoner army,” and most videos advocate for legalizing marijuana.

He plans on repeating the stunt and attempting to get more loot.

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