Ukraine’s deputy national sec chief blames hacker for message supporting Islamic terror

Scott Greer Contributor
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Don’t you hate it when your Facebook gets hacked and your account posts a message supporting a notorious Islamic terrorist and his attacks against the country that’s occupying your nation?

That’s what supposedly happened to the Deputy Chief of Ukraine’s National Security Council when a message bearing his signature appeared on the far right group he leads VKontakte page, the Eastern European version of Facebook.

The message was directed at Doku Umarov, a Chechen Islamic militant who heavily promoted using terrorism against the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and called for him to intensify his fight against Russia while it is intervening in Ukraine. The message also claimed that many Ukrainians had supported the insurgency in Chechnya and urged Umarov to support Ukraine now.

Yarosh was just recently appointed to his new post, but he is still considered the leader of the paramilitary group Right Sector.

Right Sector claimed that their account was hacked and denied responsibility for the post. It was quickly deleted after it was posted on their page.

While the message might well be the result of a hack, there is one Right Sector leader that Russian state media claims has  a connection with Chechen extremists and fought with them  during the during the first  Chechen war  in the 1990s. He is reputed to be responsible for an ambush on a Russian convoy that destroyed an entire combat unit during the conflict.

Umarov made headlines for calling upon Islamic radicals to use “any methods” to disrupt the Winter Olympics in Sochi and is the most wanted man in Russia. He is also responsible for the reactivation of  the use of suicide bombers in the conflict in Chechnya.

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