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If you’re into poop humor, this one’s for you… See here in HuffPost. No shit, it involves tweeting errors, the Oscars and a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

Best Oscar speeches ever? Have a look in The Daily Beast and watch Gwyneth Paltrow weep in 1999.

F–k and penis? Aaaaaaand the Pope accidentally drops the f-bomb, which is also a vulgar Italian word for “penis.” Read here in The Daily Caller

Ronan Farrow trivia… Seriously, is MSNBC’s newbie Ronan Farrow really worthy of a “How well do you know Ronan Farrow” feature? Whatever the case, Politico has it. And you learn things like how old he was he when he graduated from college. The answer: 15-years-old. Not to worry, there’s also a little dirt on the man who is “possibly” his father, Woody Allen. But there are zero mentions of the host’s sexual orientation. According to a Daily Mail story  published in November, he has reportedly dated men and women but doesn’t want to label himself, no matter how hard the LGBT community is pushing him. Maybe CNN’s Anderson Cooper will eventually give him a nudge. Read Politico‘s fun facts on Farrow here.

A 10-month-old baby is afraid of NBC’s Brian Williams… Or else a father is coaching his son to cry every time Williams comes on the TV. See the Gawker feature here. Terrifying Brian Williams aside, another Gawker story worth reading involves a recent piece in the Washington Post on fat shaming. Is it fat shaming or appropriate concern for a man who weighs 600 pounds?