News reporter gets blasted by wave of snow from snow plow

Chris Bing Contributor
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WTXF Fox 29 reporter Steve Keeley was greeted by more than just Monday’s snow blizzard in Woodstown, N.J.

Seconds after speaking about the ineffectiveness of the local snow plows on the roads, and with his back facing the road as cars passed by, he was smacked by a huge wave of snow pushed forward by one of those very plows.

The winter storm that is effecting New Jersey today is also hitting much of the East Coast, hindering road travel and shutting down many public transportation options.

Hours later, Keeley had some fun with the snow plow-reporting incident, telling “Good Day Philadelphia’s” Mike Jerrick, “You know I’ve spent my whole time here, ever since the invention of YouTube, I have done everything I could to avoid being a YouTube star, and I think that hit will be on YouTube.”


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Chris Bing