If pro-lifers are racist, how come so many racists support population control and abortion?

Ben Johnson U.S. Bureau Chief, LifeSiteNews.com
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Although nearly two of every three babies aborted is not white, the pro-life movement is constantly tarred as “racist” for trying to save their lives.

This week Michelle Colon, an abortion facility escort, told the Huffington Post that the mostly white sidewalk counselors outside her office “say some of the most disgusting, degrading, and racist comments to” black women, telling them they may be “killing the dream, killing the next Barack Obama, the next Martin Luther King.”

Complimenting their offspring seems like a peculiar form of hatred. Wouldn’t a racist go out of his way not to save black children? Those actually involved in the white racialist movement seem to think so.

“My attitude about abortion, to put it in the most provocative way is this: I think that some abortions should be illegal, I think other abortions should be mandatory,” said Greg Johnson of the white nationalist website Counter-Currents Publishing in a 2012 interview discussing his article on “fascist medicine.”

“I think any miscegenated baby … yeah, Hell yeah, I would make that mandatory,” he said. “And in cases where the child has severe birth defects,” such as Down syndrome, because demanding child care may prevent parents from “having other children who could be normal.”

The white racialist publication Instauration – the magazine that got Joe Sobran in trouble at National Review – supported forced abortion in the mid-1990s, writing, “Much as the West hates to face it, the Chinese are absolutely correct in their compulsory population control measures.” Conversely, the theme of last year’s Canadian March for Life was ending China’s practice of gendercide.

When racialists don’t support coercion, they believe in liberalizing abortion law. Jared Taylor, the leader of “race realists” at American Renaissance wrote that, to shrink the underclass, public school “students should get sex education, free contraceptives, and free abortions.”

These sentiments would have more in common with Planned Parenthood’s founders. Dr. Alan Guttmacher, founder of the Guttmacher Institute and onetime president of Planned Parenthood-World Population, was vice president of the American Eugenics Association. Margaret Sanger supported eugenics and, perhaps not coincidentally, once gave a speech to the women’s auxiliary of the Ku Klux Klan.

On the other hand, the pro-life movement seeks to save all babies, regardless of race or ethnicity. And statistics show most babies aborted are black or Hispanic.

“The typical abortion patient these days is a twenty-something single mother of color,” Amanda Marcotte wrote in the American Prospect.

According to the CDC’s abortion statistics for 2010, “Non-Hispanic white women had the lowest abortion rates,” accounting for 36.8 percent of all abortions, “whereas non-Hispanic black women had the highest.”

How high? More blacks are aborted than were lynched in all of U.S. history every six weeks, in New York City alone.

This means the pro-life movement, which Colon classifies as primarily white, is working to increase the size and potential political power of the black community.

Nonetheless, the Left accuses pro-lifers of trying to build up the white race with tragicomic reasoning. When Republicans introduced a bill banning race-based abortions, Dana Milbank and the NAACP deemed it racist.

The abortion industry’s hysterical racial libels, like those of the broader progressive movement, are not intended to elucidate the facts but to continually flay their opponents with the sharpened axe of racial umbrage.

That would be contemptible in its own right, but under the Obama administration they have been codified into Homeland Security documents associating pro-lifers with domestic terrorists, again and again and again. Such allegations, from the government or the Southern Poverty Law Center, are anything but harmless. They are also blatantly false.

Last February, Dr. Arie Perliger wrote in a report for West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center that the “Christian fundamentalist violent far right emerged from two ideological platforms … the Christian Identity school of thought” and “the anti-abortion/pro-life paradigm.”

Identity Christianity is tiny sect that teaches that Jesus Christ came to save only white people and that Jews are the biological children of Satan.

As the author of a 200-page master’s thesis on Christian Identity – refuting the heresy from Biblical and patristic sources – I can say Christian Identity is as representative of fundamentalist thought as Dianetics, Feng Shui, or the predictions of Edgar Cayce. But what about its views on abortion?

The most influential Identity minister, the late Pastor Pete Peters of “Scriptures for America,” told his congregation, “I say let every Canaanite line up. I’ll give ’em free tickets to the abortion clinic.”

Until Ms. Colon, the SPLC, Dr. Perliger, et. al., discover similar sentiments pervading the most conspicuous levels of pro-life leadership, it might be appropriate to decouple the two movements, dial down the vacuous and venomous attacks, and otherwise get a grip.

Ben Johnson is U.S. Bureau Chief of LifeSiteNews.com, guest host of “Nothing But Truth with Crane Durham,” and the author of three books. His personal website is TheRightsWriter.com.