Laura Ingraham: Jeff Sessions should run for president in 2016

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Jeff Sessions for president?

Radio host Laura Ingraham encouraged the Alabama Republican senator to throw his hat into the 2016 ring during her show on Monday.

“Jeff Sessions … Sessions for President,” Ingraham said on her show. “Really. Is there anyone out there who is better than Jeff Sessions on any of these issues? He’s great.”

She made her comments after playing audio of Sessions’ keynote address last week to a Tea Party Patriots event in Washington D.C. During that speech, Sessions laid out a populist vision for the Republican Party.

“The elites are failing America, they’re failing the people of America,” Sessions said in his address. “My party, the Republican Party, needs to sever itself from the elite consensus. We need to break from it.”

Ingraham argued Sessions’ message could resonate with different groups of voters.

“I think someone like Sessions could probably attract Democrats, Hispanics who are here legally who are tired of these stupid trade agreements and who have had their own wages undercut by illegal immigration, African-Americans, certainly, I think, a lot of Tea Party people. Sessions is one of the few people to actually say it like it is.”

But as The Daily Caller reported last week, political observers doubt Sessions would actually be formidable as a White House candidate.

“I don’t think he would have much appeal beyond the Deep South,” said Merle Black of Emory University. “People with big money are not going to invest him if they don’t think he’s serious candidate in a serious campaign.”

Ingraham’s comments were flagged on Tuesday by Breitbart News.

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