Enthusiastic Hillary 2016 supporters can’t think of a single thing she accomplished [VIDEO]

Katie McHugh Associate Editor
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Democrats sure are pumped for a possible Hillary Clinton run for president in 2016, even if they can’t point to a single thing she accomplished during her tenure as secretary of state, or her entire political career.

Supporters gushed about her credentials to MRCTV during the Democratic Party’s winter meeting last week — but drew a blank when asked what, exactly, she managed to accomplish.

“Specifically about Hillary — why do you think she’s uniquely qualified for the job of president?” MRCTV’s Dan Joseph asked one supporter.

“Uhh, she’s spent eight years in the White House,” the supporter said, citing the feminist-leaning, female frontrunner’s marriage to a powerful, wealthy man as her primary qualification for president. Another supporter offered the same line in a separate interview.

When asked to name a single accomplishment Clinton made while secretary of state, Joseph was met with silence or stutters. One supporter offered vague praise of “how she represented America.” (RELATED: Hillary Clinton: ‘My biggest regret was what happened in Benghazi’)

Clinton’s frequent flyer miles qualify her for the most powerful office in the world for a country that controls a quarter of the world’s GDP, according to one supporter.

“She was the most well-traveled or the most well-traveled Secretary of State in our history,” she spluttered. “And obviously that gives you a lot of experience in going to however many countries it was.”

Another supporter agreed: “She’s so well-traveled — she’s so well-experienced around the world.”


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