New Miracle Machine lets you turn water into wine in only three days

Kelsi Thorud Contributor
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A new machine will soon make it possible for people to make their favorite wines right at home.

The Miracle Machine is a new home-fermentation product that claims to be able to turn water and other basic ingredients into wine in just three days, all powered by the product’s smartphone app.

Co-founders Philip James and Kevin Boyer’s product will allow customers to make their own wine at home for $499.

“We joked about the wine to water miracle and how with today’s technology it would not only be possible, but likely,” Boyer, who also co-owns CustomVines, a custom wine label making company with James, told the Daily Meal. “The result is a miniaturized version of the exact same process that wine goes through in the best wine regions around the world. We were both surprised at how good it tastes.”

To create the wine, the home winemaker would need to purchase the basic ingredients, including grape concentrate and yeast on the company’s website or on, Boyer explained to the Daily Meal.

Customers simply insert the ingredients into the machine to allow the fermentation process to take place. The home winemaker then monitors their Miracle Machine app until it informs them that the wine is ready to pour and enjoy.

The company says once the device is available to consumers, amateur winemakers will be able to create varieties of cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, pinot noir, sauvignon blanc and burgundy all from the comfort of their home.

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