New music speaker learns what you like, plays your preferences

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Aether, a tech startup, hopes to make listening to music intuitive with its new speaker called the “Cone.”

According to Tech Times, Cone uses Bluetooth speakers paired with Apple’s Genius technology to create a personalized playlist according to the mood of the listener.

“Nobody’s addressing the human problem of ‘I’m busy, I’m at home, life is happening all around me, and I want some non-silence right now,'” Duncan Lamb, chief product officer at Aether, told The Verge. “I want to reach out and do something incredibly simple. That doesn’t exist in the context of streaming music.”

Aether, after researching various homes, discovered a pattern — people were not listening to their “nice” speakers because they were too complicated to operate, The Verge reports.

Simply use a mobile device or computer to connect wirelessly to Cone, a sleek device that has no confusing buttons or remotes that can be lost.

Turn the cone to right to skip to the next song. Turn the cone to the left to repeat the previous song. Change the entire mood of the songs by giving the cone a big twist.


Lamb said that the device notices what genres of music the listener prefers at different times of the day, using “machine learning” and user ratings.

Further, Cone obeys voice command and has an eight-hour battery life. It will come in black and copper on first shipment, but will later expand to a white version with silver.

The product still has some details in the works but it seems promising. It is set for release summer 2014 and will cost $399.

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