Say it ain’t so: The left’s welfare dependency denialism

Gavin McInnes Author, The Death of Cool
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Studies show, when someone hears something that contradicts their beliefs, it often strengthens them. The left has become a hyperbolic parody of this. When they hear something that contradicts their beliefs, they yell, “Yeah right,” and everyone laughs at how stupid you would have to be to believe something so outrageous. They love saying ‘stupid.’

Nobody bothers to see if it’s true or not. They just laugh and move on. I recently said that Jason Greenslate, a white, middle class surf dude doesn’t really represent your average food stamp abuser. Personally, I don’t think food stamp abuse is as rampant as welfare fraud in general but if we’re talking about it, a more representative example would be, say, a Dominican. Sure the majority of welfare fraud is white but a disproportionate number of Dominicans abuse the system.

The concept of per capita seems really hard to explain to liberals. America is mostly white so mostly everything, good and bad, is white. However, we are meant to be an educated nation so we should be able to grasp things like Dominicans tend to abuse food stamps more than their numbers in the general population say they should. Dominicans send food stamp bounties back home so often in fact, their local grocery stores sell barrels.

I pointed this out on Fox News recently, and Raw Story twisted my words into, “‘overfed’ blacks are using food stamps as ‘fat pill'” (they’ve since changed the title but it’s still in the URL). To the left, not only is what I said a lie, it was also racist. I never said blacks. I was talking about Jason Greenslate. You might as well have said, “overfed non-surfers are using food stamps as a ‘fat pill.’” The left is completely consumed with race however, and hear “black” every time you say “white.” Later, Daily Kos covered the story and added “these crackpot conspiracy theories regarding Dominicans using food stamps to send barrels of food back home have no basis in reality.”

Couldn’t he (or she, the byline is Eternal Hope) just Google “Dominicans” and “barrel”? It’s the first thing that comes up! How can you be so sure about something you’ve never looked into?

Jon Stewart’s entire career is based on laughing at things he’s unfamiliar with. On Tuesday night, he cited a Fox Business show that claimed people were using their EBT cards in Vegas and Disney World. Instead of consulting his Internet machine, he lunged forward at the audience while calling Fox the network where “we read the chain mails your grandma gets in her inbox out loud like they were true.” The audience roars with laughter at the stupid, stupid Fox guest who made that outrageous claim.

What is everyone laughing about? She’s right. It took me about 15 seconds to find an example of people “taking EBT to Disney World and Vegas.” Couldn’t one member of his gigantic staff have looked into this before we all guffaw at how untrue it is?

The truth is, they have no interest in what’s true. They’ve got their narrative and if you stray from it, you’re insane. They are so loyal to the narrative, they see no need to investigate anything that goes against it. It’s funny that so many of these people are atheists because they have more faith than many of the Christians I know. I don’t have a problem with arrogance. It’s a great part of being American. I don’t mind laughing at ridiculous mistakes. They’re funny. It’s okay to be smug too. Just make sure you’re right first.