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Boston-based startup Spritz has developed a revolutionary speed-reading textbox-style software program that would allow users to read entire novels in record time.

Spritz is a text streaming technology that can be integrated onto mobile devices, wearables, apps and websites. It uses “rapid serial visual presentation” to allow readers to quickly pass by text-heavy content, according to the company website.

The Spritz reader is at its base, a simple, small box that streams text to the reader, one word at a time. The words are presented in large, reader-friendly font, centered around the “optimal recognition point” of each word. This format is a fundamental component that allows for the ‘speed-reading’ functionality of the program.

Readers spend as little as 20 percent of their reading time actually taking in the words they follow on their pages. Moreover, as much as 80 percent of that time is spent physically moving one’s eyes up and down the page to correctly locate and read on from a particular point within the body of text, according to the Boston-based startup.

The key idea here is to cut down on time, to strip away a reader’s naturally clumsy manner of reading conventional literature, and to instead replace this system with a highly adaptable program that would create an efficient text format for the human eye.

While the program is currently available, it is still in development for several different platforms including: smart watches and some tablets. Most smartphones and Ebook readers do have official access to program.

via HuffingtonPost, Top Photo Credit: We Heart It

via HuffingtonPost, Top Photo Credit: We Heart It

Check out more information on Spritz’s official website HERE.

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