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 Arianna’s digital detox

“The National Day of Unplugging starts at sundown tomorrow- join me in a 24 hour #DigitalDetox from all social media!” — HuffPost‘s Arianna Huffington.

 Confirmed: Yes, Sydney, that’s weird

“Disney Princess Lingerie? Am I weird for kind of liking this?” — Sydney Elaine Leathers, former phone sex partner to New York mayoral loser Anthony Weiner.

NYT social media editor uses the newspaper for a napkin 

“Couldn’t find a napkin for my doughnut so I grabbed a copy of The New York Times. Let’s see your fancy website keep my workspace crumb-free.” — Daniel Victor, social media staffer for the NYT. Will he use it later to wipe his ass too? (Please note: I’m only joking. I’m an avid NYT reader.)


“Hey #CPAC2014 organizers. Put out a plate of fruit for me. Tx.” — TheBlaze‘s Eddie Scarry.

Perfect Trump timing at CPAC

“That Trump is speaking after this completely reasonable panel that the GOP DESPERATELY NEEDS is… well, yeah.” — The Guardian‘s Ana Marie Cox.

Too much CPAC partying? 

“Ballroom about half full to watch Rick Perry speak at CPAC this morning. Party too hard last night, y’all?” — The Washington Examiner‘s Rebecca Berg.

Left on the sex at CPAC cutting room floor 

“Rand was my drive to come here, not that kind of drive.” — David, a CPAC attendee, referring to sexy Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

 Anchor says sloppy journalism is the “end of journalism” 

“I read an article in the New York Times with interviews with editors from various news websites, and one of those editors said the metabolism of the news cycle now is such that they don’t always have time to check everything before they put it out. …”Well, that is the end of journalism (and) is antithetical to everything we stand for,” he said. “The other model is called gossip. And journalism was invented to be an antidote to gossip.” — CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley in SFGate. See the full story here.


Daily Caller‘s Mickey Kaus lights Ann Coulter’s book on fire. He clearly doesn’t have a lot of experience doing this. If you don’t watch this you’re doing yourself a real disservice today. Watch here.


Found in The Mirror inbox this morning: “I want you, baby. You’re so so sexy. I would give anything to have you. …I’m so, so willing to be found by you. Any time. Any place. I want you.”