Here’s PROOF that Common Core aims to make America’s children cry

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Another stupid, overly complicated set of Common Core math problems involving “number bonds” — and so much more — has bubbled up courtesy of Twitter.

This one is being inflicted on some poor little kindergarteners, according to Twitchy.

It’s almost impossible to explain the embarrassing awfulness of the problem. However, it involves “cube sticks,” “number bonds” and “hidden partners.” Perhaps the worst part is that the worksheet also specifically instructs children to inflict this math concept on “an adult.”

Here’s the tweet, in all its frustrating glory:


Note the words in the top left corner of the page: NYS COMMON CORE MATHEMATICS CURRICULUM.

This math lesson is just one more in the constantly burgeoning inventory of sad and hideous Common Core math problems.

Just this month, a frustrated dad posted his kid’s absurd Common Core-aligned math homework on Instagram. (RELATED: ‘Why are they making math harder?’ More absurd Common Core math problems)

In February, Twitchy found a flawed “front-end estimation” problem that instructed students that the actual, correct answer is merely “reasonable” and allows students to be off by over 22 percent in their estimation. (RELATED: ANOTHER impossibly stupid Common Core worksheet sure to make your kid a moron)

Also in February, a group of Common Core-aligned math — math — lessons oozed out of the woodwork which require teachers to ask students if the 2000 presidential election was fair and which refer to Lincoln’s religion as either “liberal” or nothing. (RELATED: Common Core MATH lesson plans attack Reagan, list Lincoln’s religion as ‘liberal’)

In January, The Daily Caller also brought you a surreal, subtly cruel Common Core math worksheet. (RELATED: This Common Core math worksheet offers a glimpse into Kafkaesque third-grade hell)

January also brought a set of incomprehensible directions for nine-year-olds. (RELATED: Here’s another impossibly stupid Common Core math worksheet)

In December, Twitchy found the most egregiously awful math problem the Common Core had produced yet until that point.(RELATED: Is this Common Core math question the worst math question in human history?)

In November, Twitchy collected several more incomprehensible, unintentionally hilarious Core-aligned worksheets and tests. (RELATED: EPIC FAIL: Parents reveal insane Common Core worksheets)

Over the summer, The Daily Caller exposed a video showing a curriculum coordinator in suburban Chicago perkily explained that Common Core allows students to be totally right if they say 3 x 4 = 11 as long as they spout something about the faulty reasoning they used to get to that wrong answer. (RELATED: Obama math: under new Common Core, 3 x 4 = 11 [VIDEO])

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