OH NO! Obama may have to cut third vacation THIS YEAR short because of Ukraine

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President Barack Obama, his wife and the first daughters may have to cut their latest vacation short because of Russia’s meddling in Ukraine.

The Obama family’s current plan for the weekend is to escape the cold, snowy doldrums of Washington, D.C. for some rest and relaxation in sunny Key Largo, Fla., reports the Daily Mail.

However, despite Obama’s earnest invocations of international law, pro-Russian forces and the Russian government are making swift military and political moves in Ukraine’s Crimea region. Consequently, the Key Largo holiday could be in peril.

“It is possible the president may return to the White House on Friday as events unfold in Ukraine,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on Thursday, according to the Mail.

The excuse for this urgently needed break from the hurly-burly of the White House is that both Obamas are scheduled to speak about the value of education at Coral Reef High School in Miami.

So, why not spend the rest of the weekend basking on the sandy beaches and two golf courses of the Ocean Reef Club—a private, five-star paradise on 2,500 lush, tropical acres?

Unless pesky world events get in the way, the Key Largo romp will be Obama’s third taxpayer-funded getaway this year.

Just last month, Obama flew to Southern California over Presidents Day weekend to meet with King Abdullah II of Jordan and play some golf on the posh Sunnylands estate. The trip also included a round of golf on a private, 19-hole course owned by Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, one of his billionaire supporters.

The first family spent a sixth annual retreat on the Hawaiian island of Oahu—billed to American taxpayers at a cost of $4 million. Michelle Obama spent an extra week there to celebrate her 50th birthday in style. The next destination on the list was Ibiza.

Later this month, the globetrotting first lady and her daughters will jet off to China for over a week of much-needed sightseeing. The president won’t be making the trip but his mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, will be tagging along on the federal dime. (RELATED: Thanks, taxpayers! Globetrotting Michelle Obama announces luxurious vacation to China)

The first couple racked up an $11 million tab on travel to South Africa to attend Nelson Mandela’s funeral in December 2013. Amazingly, the presidential pair was on the ground for fewer than 13 hours.

In June, Michelle Obama felt compelled to go to Ireland for two days. She stayed at a $3,300-per-night hotel in Dublin. The total cost of her taxpayer-funded trip was $5 million.

Other vacations the jet-setting Obamas took in 2013 included a multimillion-dollar trip to Martha’s Vineyard.

Obama also took an August trip to California to meet with Democratic mega-fundraiser Jeffrey Katzenberg and appear on “The Tonight Show.” That jaunt cost Americans $2 million.

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