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Patriotism gone wild at CPAC: 8 people who couldn’t control themselves with the red, white and blue

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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CPAC is the epicenter of patriotism this week. And everywhere you look, attendees are hardcore about exuding their pride in the country by wearing every piece of bizarre American flag clothing they can find. Even CNN’s Dana Bash got in on the fun. Except we think she did so unintentionally.


8. Say hello to Grizzly Joe. He writes a blog, As he explained, “I do Jihad, anti-liberalism as a I call it.” He lives in the “northeast region” of the U.S. but because of threats won’t say more. “I keep it a little vague,” he says. “I get some threats on Twitter.”

Patriotic attendees at CPAC - Daily Caller-Grae Stafford 2

7. Girl in pearls on flag phone.

Patriotic attendees at CPAC - Daily Caller-Grae Stafford 1

6. CNN’s Dana Bash as a cowgirl patriot.


5. Just hanging out in my flag tie enjoying a lemonade.


4. Woman on stilts.



3. Luscious-lipped dude in flag tie.


2. I met this guy in the Chesapeake room after Donald Trump spoke. As I zoned my camera in on his sweater, he said, “You don’t want my face too?”


1. Bros in shorts (and no, those aren’t boxers).



Grae Stafford contributed to this report.