Teacher brings dead fox to school, triggering rabies panic

Robby Soave Reporter
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A high school teacher in Greene, New York brought a dead fox into his classroom and handled it without gloves, causing a school-wide health scare and massive confusion.

The teacher, Justin Pisanello, found the dead fox on the side of the road and apprently decided to bring it school to show students in his three classes–possibly exposing them to the rabies virus. The dead fox served no educational purpose, and was handled without proper safety equipment, according to WBNG.

District officials did not learn about the incident until students complained about it on social media.

“I did not know until a parent informed us yesterday,” said Superintendent Jonathan Retz. “Bringing the fox in had nothing to do with the teacher’s lessons.”

Officials were eventually able to recover the dead fox–which had been skinned–and test it for rabies. The animal did not have rabies, so the students are safe.

Still, district officials were understandably furious, and vowed to investigate.

Greene Central School District could not immediately be reached for comment as to whether disciplinary action had been taken against Pisanello .

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