The Ground Zero Cross suffers for the sins of atheists

David Lawrence | Author, 'The King of White-Collar Boxing'

Hey, why am I reading in the New York Post about a group called American Atheists? I mean, I was born in 1947 and was an atheist by the time I was seven. I was a long-term predecessor to these ingrates.

The difference between me and the clowns at American Atheists is that I have always had respect for the religious. I feel they are more a part of the fabric of this country than I am, and that I have no right to belittle their beliefs. In fact I wish I could share in their faith. It’s not just in my genetics. Also I do not want to insult the dead of 9/11 by starting lawsuits and arguments over who has the right to do whatever.

The atheists are challenging plans to include the famous Ground Zero Cross in a display at the national memorial museum.

I don’t see how the truculent atheists think they deserve a place for a symbol of atheism. They want a plaque dedicated to nothingness. That would be like me going into the Museum of Modern Art and telling them that I deserve to hang one of my pictures next to Picasso’s in the name of some moronic idea of fairness. I can’t paint. They can’t believe. Does it matter?

Fairness? One of the favorite words of the unfair. Obama’s mantra. Communism’s plea.

Atheism. The lack of values that led to slaughters by the fascists and the communists.

Let the dead rest in peace. Don’t let the atheists degrade the holiness of the silence of 9/11 victims with their raucous courtroom antics.

It seems that atheists are constantly putting their soulless shoes in their mouths. Not only at Ground Zero but at the Oscars the atheists complained because  Matthew McConaughey thanked God when he won an Oscar for the best actor as a result of his acting in “Dallas Buyer’s Club.”

McConaughey thanked God who “graced my life with opportunities that I know are not of my hand or any other humankind.”

In a normal society McConaughey would have been respected for his views. I respect him for his views and I am an atheist. However, in Brooklyn, which is my barometer of simpleminded liberalism, a number of people mocked him for being religious.

Atheism has become a dogmatic religion. Instead of criticizing and improving real religion, it has demeaned it and degraded itself.

This fits right in with the general bitchiness of atheists. They are unethical to start an argument over the Ground Zero Cross, which means so much to so many people. They are in poor taste to insult a speech at the Oscars; they are as bad as an inappropriate outfit on the red carpet.

Criticizing religious people is like a bad marriage between atheists and regular Americans. The atheists are nagging wives who want things their own way because they want things their own way. They don’t care how much they hurt their husbands. As I said earlier, atheists are bitches. Their temperaments are why marriages no longer last. They fail to compromise. It’s their empty way or the highway to an absent hell.

The Ground Zero Cross suffers for the sins of atheists. I am ashamed to be an atheist among this group of Johnny-come-lately atheists. They are driving me back towards religion. Surely God is more forgiving and generous than the bitter deniers.

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