University staff members forced to undergo reeducation in ‘heterosexual privilege’

Robby Soave Reporter
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Staff members at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington are enduring viewpoint-corrective training sessions in far-left political topics like “heterosexual privilege,” “gender privilege” and “language privilege.”

The monthly sessions are known as “Cultural Competency Staff Meetings,” and require that staff members discuss controversial issues and listen to lectures from experts on topics like white privilege and sexism, according to Campus Reform.

The meeting agendas are largely secret, and staff members have been swore to secrecy. One employee, however, gave an interview to Campus Reform explaining some of the details.

“I felt I would be discriminated against based on my political and religious beliefs, and because I don’t believe the content of the meetings will reduce racism or other ‘isms,'” said an anonymous WWU employee. “The primary theme of the meetings makes people considered privileged feel guilty and minorities feel self-pity.”

Staff members were specifically told not to discuss what went on during the sessions with anyone else. The meetings are barred to the public.

After some staff complained that the meetings amounted to little more than indoctrination, attendance was made voluntary.

“At the beginning of the Cultural Competency Staff Meetings several employees felt uncomfortable talking about sensitive racial topics, so we were told not to share conversations from the meetings outside of [them],” the anonymous staff member wrote in an email. “Some people still didn’t feel comfortable so the Dean of Students said the meetings are optional if you don’t feel comfortable attending.” (RELATED: University addresses racism by having a racially segregated group discussion)

The purpose of the meetings is to make the campus more sensitive, according to Dean of Students Theodore Pratt.

Pratt shared with Campus Reform the details of the some of the “experts” brought in to educate staff members about privilege. The experts include Robert Jensen, a scholar on issues of race who believes that all white people are inherently privileged because the U.S. has a culture of white supremacy.

The university did not respond to a request for comment.

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