Kaus: Ted Cruz has ‘pre-sold out’ on immigration [AUDIO]

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No current, potential Republican presidential candidate will hold the line on immigration reform, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, according to The Daily Caller’s immigration hawk Mickey Kaus.

In an appearance on Laura Ingraham’s radio show, Kaus revisited a comment he made during a Conservative Political Action Committee debate with conservative columnist Ann Coulter.

Kaus had told the conservative audience that he hopes a Democrat wins the presidency again so that Republicans will resist the immigration reform agenda, because, according to Kaus, all the current GOP presidential prospects, including Cruz, will fold on immigration.

“You don’t have to wait for Cruz to sell out, Cruz has said that he would support an option that didn’t involve citizenship, but that did involve legalization. He told that to the New York Times. So he’s carefully crafted a middle position that will allow him to please whatever donors are going to contribute to his presidential campaign,” Kaus told Ingraham. “And if he should be elected president to legalize those who are currently illegal.”

According to Kaus, Cruz has already “pre-sold out” and even if he had not offered support for legalization Cruz’s failure to take the lead on opposing the Senate immigration reform bill.

Ingraham noted that there have not been many Senate Republicans who have taken the lead to oppose the reform effort save for Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions and Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley.

Kaus pointed out, however that Sessions is not running for president but echoed an earlier call from Ingraham that the Alabama senator should run for president in 2016.

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