Middle school teacher showed herself ‘performing sex acts’ to entire class

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If The Daily Caller has said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: don’t put your homemade porn on the same device that you use for presentations at work. The risks of some mix-up, however remote, are too great.

This sage advice is especially useful for middle school teachers.

Sadly, a teacher in Little Rock, Ark. didn’t listen. As a result, she is now in a heap of trouble.

Last week, the unidentified Forest Heights Middle School teacher accidentally showed an entire class of kids an image of herself engaging in some sweet lovemaking, according to Central Arkansas NBC affiliate KARK.

Initial reports suggested there was a video. However, KARK has since reported that only a single still image was involved.

The media in which the image appeared isn’t entirely clear. However, school district officials wiped all data from a bunch of classroom iPads and completely reset them soon after the incident.

Parent Nicholas Tolerson told the NBC station that his son had described the image as the teacher “performing sex acts.”

The disturbed dad said the teacher contacted him to apologize. In the course of the conversation, he learned that the sex-act recipient is the teacher’s fiancé.

“My heart goes out to not only my son, but other kids in the classroom,” Tolerson said.

District officials say the teacher admits to showing the image by mistake. She said the image somehow got mixed into her lesson plans.

School district officials have indicated that the teacher will suffer some sort of discipline. It’s not clear what that discipline will be. It does not appear that she will be fired.

In addition to calling parents, the teacher also seems to have sent an email to them.

In the email, after politely introducing herself and informing parents what subject she teaches, the teacher explained that she is totally sorry for showing video of herself going to town in a middle school class.

“Today an unfortunate and embarrassing incident occurred during class,” the slightly redacted apology reads.

“I would like to personally apologize for an inappropriate and unprofessional image your child may or may not have seen,” the apology continues. “Please know that the photo was never intended for view by anyone here at the school.”

The implication from the teacher’s statement of regret is that the image seems to have been a real doozy.

The Little Rock school district is apparently a pretty exciting place. This fall, for example, the district implemented a policy requiring teachers to wear underwear. Like, every single day. Female teachers will have to wear bras, too. (RELATED: Little Rock school district will now make teachers wear underwear)

“Foundational garments shall be worn and not visible with respect to color, style, and/or fabric,” a letter explaining the policy reads. “No see-through or sheer clothing shall be allowed, and no skin shall be visible between pants/trousers, skirts, and shirts/blouses at any time.”

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