‘All right, good night:’ Last transmission from missing plane eerily routine, missing passengers’ phones continue to ring

Scott Greer Contributor
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The increasing bizarre case of the Malaysian flight that went missing early Saturday has added a new twist in the form of the last transmission from the plane sounding eerily routine.

“All right, good night” were the last words given to air traffic controllers before the plane vanished without a trace and has yet to be found, despite five days of multiple nations engaging in an intensive search for the plane.

The Associated Press reports that the search area is expanding to India in addition to the 35,800 square miles of Southeast Asia that are currently covered in the hunt — evidence that suggests the plane turned around and veered off course from its original flight path.

The last transmission is only the latest confusing clue in the case of the missing flight that has included the cellphones of missing passengers continuing to ring in spite of their mysterious disappearance.

China has accused the Malaysian government of incompetence in handling the case and has taken a special interest in finding the plane. Two-thirds of the passengers were Chinese nationals.

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