Another school suspends kid for wearing NRA shirt

Robby Soave Reporter
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A New York high school suspended a student for wearing a National Rifle Association shirt on school grounds, local news reports.

The student, sophomore Shane Kinney, is an avid hunter and fan of the Second Amendment–as are his parents, NRA members Wayne and Kim Kinney.

Administrators at Grand Island High School in Grand Island, New York, told Kinney that he would have to turn his shirt–which depicts the NRA logo and two guns–inside out, according to WGRZ.

Shane refused, and was given a one-day suspension.

“He said he’d rather not turn it inside out,” said Wayne Kinney in a statement.

The Kinney parents are proud of their son, and told local reporters that they have always encouraged him to stand up for what he believes in. (RELATED: Teen self-defense expert expelled, jailed, kicked out of Army program, all because of a pocketknife)

The school’s dress code requires students to obey administrators’ instructions relating to attire. It also prohibits clothing that promotes violence. There is nothing in the dress code about political messages, however — and Kinney’s parents said a pro-Second Amendment message is hardly violent.

“Just by wearing the shirt, yes it has guns on it, but it doesn’t mean you are for any kind of violence,” said Kim Kinney.

Kinney said her son will stop wearing the shirt to school, anyway.

This is not the first time public school administrators have cracked own on students rights’ to show support for the Second Amendment. (RELATED: Police arrest student for wearing pro-gun NRA shirt to school)

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